About us

The development of information technologies has made it possible to acquire large amounts of data from many yet unexplored areas. Furthermore, issues on which data is not yet available or cannot be collected (as it is the case in many developing countries) may also be investigated using proxies from other data sources. This presents a huge opportunity for humanity in general and the scientific community in particular.

Research aspect as a core principle

µDAI has set the application of research as its core principle, hence we focus (but not exclusively) on professionals and academics as volunteers, since they are experienced and aware of the applicability of solutions. One big advantage of appointing professionals in comparison to only working with pure academics is their awareness of the process of data cleaning which comprises 80% of the whole data analysis process.

Business Analysts

The lack of specialists who can mine data makes knowledge extraction and discovery difficult. This is the case because there are very few academic institutions which offer certification as a Data Scientist i.e. a mix of computer science, statistics and mathematics.

International organization of professionals

µDAI is an international organization of professionals which aims to contribute to human development using knowledge discovery from data, to develop solutions to various problems and support decision making. µDAI recruits professionals from diverse backgrounds as volunteers to conduct research on 'exotic' / neglected topics in data analysis. These experts then contribute to the advancement of knowledge by publishing related findings. µDAI also provides assistance to public and private institutions such as non-governmental organizations (NGO) and small and middle size enterprises (SME) in harnessing knowledge in their data. Additionally, we provide support and expertise for setting up university modules in the various fields of Data Science that level up to the international standards of elite universities.