Most SME and NGO collect data but do not have ideas, expertise or means to structure and harness the knowledge contained in those data. µDAI concludes partnerships with those public and private institutions to bring them assistance for this purpose.

Many professionals are on the other hand methodically under-used in their daily work; many would like to increase their academic knowledge by taking part in interesting data related research projects. µDAI provides professionals with the possibility of selecting from a number of interesting projects and volunteering to work in them.

µDAI first gets in contact with the institutions (SME/NGO’s), and gathers information about their business model, and develops an inventory of available data. In a second step µDAI proposes possible research topics and discusses their usability with the institution. Afterwards, µDAI in a forth step carries out the research and present their findings to the institution for a concerted interpretation. Finally, µDAI publishes the related research findings in accordance with the institution requirements i.e. anonymization.

The institutions partnering with µDAI benefit from gaining access to high quality data research carried out by professionals and academics at insignificant costs (expense allowance).

The professionals benefit from the prospect of participating in interesting cutting-edge projects whose output they can register in the form of scientific publications as co-authors. Additionally, they profit from being part of an international network of highly skilled professionals.