Data Science for SMEs in Kenya

From 10th – 11th December 2018 in Mombasa

The third and final phase of the Data Science training for SMEs took place from 10.-11.12.2018 in Mombasa.

Highly motivated and engaged SMEs from different counties participated in the Data Science training to gain knowledge on the innovative possibilities of data for different businesses.


Day 1: SMEs in Mombasa interested and eager to learn about the application of data analytics in their businesses.


Day 1: An intensive session on the Data Science process and methodology.


Day 2: Group discussion on the application of Data Science technology to local realities in Kenya.


Day 2: Group discussion on creating data-driven solutions.


Day 2: SMEs in Mombasa ready to apply learned insights into their businesses.

In summary, the reception of the Data Science training in various counties was received with enthusiasm, curiosity and a keen interest to understand and develop data-driven solutions by the SMEs.

From the experiences on the ground, our initial assumptions regarding the Kenyan market were confirmed due to the extensive use of mobile technology and implementation of innovative solutions.

We draw from this that the Kenyan market has great potential to develop even greater digital solutions in various sectors in financial, communication and transportation services, through a wide adoption of a data-driven culture.